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Ten Commandments

(this lesson outline targeted at middle school kids)

"Why are there Ten Commandments" and why are the Protestant’s different than the Catholic’s and what the heck are those Jewish Laws everybody talks about when they talk about the Pharisees.

If you have Bibles that do not have them listed (ie not a childrens’ Bible).  Have one group pull from Exodus Chapter 20, another from Deuteronomy 5:6-61, and Leviticus 19:1-28.  They should discover that there are not ten  but more like 11, 14 and a bunch in Leviticus (now, verse 19:28 of Leviticus is very important so be sure and cover that.)

So why ten?

Because of the “ten words” mentioned in Deut 4:13 and Deut 10:4

Study New Advent and Catholic-Resources and The Jewish Ten Commandments

Catholic-Resources talks about Jewish Law (or mitzvot; the 613 laws the Pharisees lorded over the people). Read through them, there are some fun ones to discuss like:

32)  Not to bear a grudge (Lev 19:18)

48)  To leave peret (the single grapes) of the vineyard for the poor (Lev. 19:10)

367)  Not to wear garments made of wool and linen mixed together (Deut. 22:11)

167)  Not to eat blood (Lev 17:10)  492)  Not to eat of the flesh of sin offerings, the blood of which is brought within the Sanctuary and sprinkled towards the Veil (Lev. 6:23)

(Note:  Look at #167 and #492 and dwell on this, it was taboo, big time, to eat the flesh and drink the blood.  So, how did the first follows of Jesus get over His statement that this MUST be done? see Jesus and Jewish Roots of the Eucharist)


From New Advent

The numbering of the Ten Commandments found in Catholic Bibles, based on the Hebrew text, was made by St. Augustine (354-386) in his book of "Questions of Exodus" and was adopted by the Council of Trent.  The first three relate to God.  This differs from what the protestants use (Origen’s numbering), in that, having false idols is included in "You shall not have other gods besides me"

The other set of commandants originated from a guy named Origen (born 122 years before Augustine(185-232) ).  The first four relate to God, with Deuteronomy 5:8  "You shall not carve idols for yourselves in the shape of anything in the sky above or on the earth below or in the waters beneath the earth" being a separate second commandment.  To keep it to ten, the last two (coveting wifes and goods) are merged into the tenth.