Chapter 5 – People of Prayer

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  • The title of this chapter parallels Part Four of the Catechism “Christian Prayer”. The next chapter “Prayer of the Church” paralles Part Two of the Catechism “The Celebration of the Christian Mystery”.
  • Part Four: Christian Prayer is about our personal prayer life and it based off of the Our Father
  • Part Two: The Celebration of the Christian Mystery is about group prayer, our prayer as a Church, liturgy (i.e. the sacraments)

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  • Prayer is an essential aspect of Christian living.
  • When we pray, the Holy Spirit moves us and guides us to communicate.
  • Vocal, meditation, and contemplation are the three main expressions of prayer.

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Luke 1:46-55 (The Magnificat);
John 2:1-12 (Wedding at Cana);
Romans 8 (The Flesh and the Spirit and The Spirit intercedes for us through prayer.)
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Disciple Power: piety
(The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are (in proper order and terminology): Wisdom and Understanding, Right Judgement and Courage, Knowledge and Reverence (i.e. piety) and Wonder and Awe of the Lord.)
Faith Vocabulary: contemplation, meditation, vocal prayer
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Saint John of the Cross,
Saint Teresa of Ávila
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Catholics Believe: Nature of prayer
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Prayer: The Magnificat
Prayer History: The Magnificat
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Part Two: The Celebration of the Christian Mystery

Part Four: Christian Prayer

U.S. Catholic Catechism for Adults (USCCA): pp. 461-495