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5th Grade March 3rd

Posted by on Mar 3, 2013 in Class Plan | Comments Off on 5th Grade March 3rd HOMILY INVITATION TO SILENT PRAYER FOR ELECT Celebrant: I now invite the Elect with their Godparents to come forward. The celebrant first addresses the assembly of the faithful, inviting them to pray in silence and to ask that the elect will be given a spirit of repentance, a sense of sin, and the true freedom of the children of God. Celebrant addresses assembly: Today the Church calls the Elect to conversion. To deepen their resolve to hold fast to Christ and to carry out the decision to love God above all. Let us all pray at this time in silence for them to be given a spirit of repentance, a sense of sin and strength of will to live in true freedom as children of God. The celebrant then addresses the elect, inviting them also to pray in...

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