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Your principal motive in going to Communion should be to advance, strengthen and console yourself in the love of God, receiving for love alone what is given for love alone. At no other time is our Lord more loving and more...

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Love the now

Always have a firm and determined intention of wanting to serve God with all your heart for your whole life. Do not be concerned about tomorrow, and think only about doing good today. When tomorrow comes and is called “today,”...

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St. Augustine, quote

Strive to acquire the virtues you think your brothers lack, and then you will no longer see their defects, because you yourselves will not have them. — St....

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St. Catherine of Siena, quote

“But anyone who would approach this gracious sacrament while guilty of deadly sin would receive no grace from it, even though such a person would really be receiving me as I am, wholly God, wholly human. But do you know the...

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