Chapter 1: Outline

Opening Prayer

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; prudent are all who live by it.

  • Psalm 111

Review Last Week

Not just happy but supremely happy

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Wonder and Awe & Reverence

Knowledge & Courage & Right Judgment

Understanding & Wisdom

Church Origin

What is the Church

What is the Paschal Mystery

First it was born = On the cross

what came out of Christ’s side

Second it was Commissioned =Matthew 28:18-20

Third it was “Manifest” = Pentecost

Manifest = easily understood or recognized by the mind


readily perceived by the senses and especially by the sense of sight

Apostolic Tradition

What the difference between apostle & disciple

Disciple (from Latin discipulus “pupil, student, follower,”)

Apostle (from Greek apostolos “messenger, person sent forth,”)

How many were(are) there = 14

Chrysostom comments, “because there is nothing more despicable than the tax collector, and nothing more common than fishing”

How to remember them



Names end

In “ew”












Where did they go

Peter the Rock

Papal Succession( 265th)





Church Timeline

One mark every four inches = 100 years

Key dates:

440 b.c – Malachi written

33 – Jesus dies

33 – Paul converted

70 – Temple destroyed – Important because Jews believe Jesus will return when next temple get built

70 – Gospel of Mark written

90 – John writes Revelation (Patmos) – revelation is NOT about the end of times, it IS about Jesus returning. Jesus returns at each Mass. Revelation is an outline for the Mass.

100 – 165 – Justin Martyr

313 – Constantine Edict – Edict of Milan legalizing Christian worship.

321 – Weekend was created – March 7, 321, Sunday was declared the official day of rest, on which markets were banned and public offices were closed

325 – Nicene Creed (original)

381 – Nicene Creed (official)

400 – St Jerome – Wrote Latin Vulgate (basis for our Bible)

450 – Oriental Orthodox – First split

1000 – Greek Orthodox – Second split

1500 – protestants


Church Tradition

What’s the history of entry into the Church i.e. original RCIA

Constantine edict of 313A.D resulted in a major enrollment blitz



Review Good = Happy

To be happy you gotta be good, to be good you gotta do what is right (morally right)

If you follow your conscience will you go to heaven?

You have the responsibility to inform you conscience

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit will help with that

What makes up a moral decision: object, intention, circumstance

The “object” is what you are doing. Eg. Stealing, praying, helping, using God’s name in vain

The “intention” is why. Eg. To get something, to help someone, because you want to

The “circumstance” is the envorinement


Object: what are you doing?

Intention: why are you doing it?

Circumstances: When? Where? What are the foreseeable results?


Moral Relativism and “Things of this World”



The Good News: You are made in the likeness of God

The Bad News: Because of that it is easy to loose your humility and think you are a god, that you know better, that you can do whatever (because of “freedom”)


Eve was convinced she was God.

Eve was the first progressive.

Eve was the first to say “I know better than God so I am going to change things, just to see”


Discuss change, never content, always wanting, technology for technology sake





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