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Saint John Apostle

Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Bio, Saints | Comments Off on Saint John Apostle

from Living Spaces John was one of two sons of Zebedee and tradition give the mother’s name as Salome. From the Gospel we learn that John with his father and brother were fishermen in Lake Galilee. He with his brother James and Peter belonged to the inner circle of disciples around Jesus. There is, of course, no record of his year or place of birth.John, with Peter and his brother, were privileged witnesses of certain events in the Gospel story. They were with Jesus when he restored the daughter of Jairus to life (Matt 5:37; Luke 9:51) and also at the Transfiguration (Matt 17:1; Mark 9:2; Luke 9:28) and the Agony in the Garden (Matt 26:37; Mark 14:33). It was John who went with Peter into the city to make the preparation for the final Passover meal (the Last...

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Saint Luke Evangelist

Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Bio, Saints | Comments Off on Saint Luke Evangelist

from Living Spaces Practically all we know of Luke (and it is not very much) comes from the New Testament. We do not know the place or date of his birth. In Paul’s Letter to Philemon (v.24) Paul refers to “Luke, my fellow worker”. In the Letter to the Colossians (4:14) he speaks of Luke “our dear physician”, so it is taken that he was a medical practitioner of some kind. In the Second Letter to Timothy (4:11) Paul says, “I have no one here with me but Luke”. He seems to have been a close companion of Paul on some of his missionary journeys and on his final journey to Rome. This is based on the belief that the Acts of the Apostles was written by Luke and that in the Acts a number of passages use the word “we”, suggesting the writer was...

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