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Chapter 3: Blessed are the persecuted

By the end of this session the student should:

  1. Know that the Apostles were commissioned to preach the Gospel to the world, know where each one went and that only John died of natural causes
  2. Understand that John was sentenced to the island of Patmos where he wrote Revelation about the return of Christ.  Understand that Revelation is not about the end of time but about the return of Christ and be able to list the parts of Revelation that relate to the Mass (where Christ promised he would return)
  3. Understand that politics behind Christian persecution and list the emperors where persecution was prevelant (Trajan [177], Decius [251], Valerian [260] and Diocletian [316])
  4. Know the story of Saints Ingantius of Antioch and Saint Lawrence the Deacon (“turn me over, I am done on that side”).  Also Saints Agatha, Lucy, and Agnes
  5. Compare and contrast Paganism to today’s secular culture and understand that, despite the pressures around them, Christians lived according to the faith they learn in the family environment.
Teaching tips:
Study the “Where did Apostles go” page.  Use this file (needs work, download then open with Google Earth and go globe trotting.