0 Century

Persecution of Diocletian – Constantine – Nicea – Codex Theodosius Magnus

  • From his sick-bed at Nicomedia on 30 April AD 311 Galerius issued an edict, which was confirmed by his fellow emperors, cancelling the persecution of the Christians
  • Arian heresy led to Nicea – “consubstantial”
  • St Jerome translated Hebrew/Greek into Latin Vulgate
  • Theodosius (394)
  • Monastic movement at the end of the century due to…
  • Heresy: Arian
  • Fathers: Eusebius, St Athanasius
  • Athanasius Defines the New Testament (367) His letter is the earliest authoritative statement to fix the New Testament as we know it today.
  • 393 The Council of Hippo recognizes the canon. To be recognized as canonical, a book had to be Apostolic, fit in with the other scriptures, and have been of fruitful use throughout the church up to that time
  • 395 Augustine becomes bishop of Hippo
  • 397 The Council of Carthage agrees with the Council of Hippo


St. John Chrysostom Doctor of the Church, born at Antioch, c. 347; died at Commana in Pontus, 14 September, 407.

St. Catherine of Alexandria
St. Sylvester, Pope
St Damasus, Pope